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Relationships Circle

Feel, Heal​, and Reconcile with Life
Reconcile Masculine & Feminine

These moments support you in getting where you want to be in your personal and professional life and to transform your obstacles into strengths.

Certified Life Coach since 2008, holistic therapist since 2005 and meditation practitioner for 20 years, Claudio created the Reconciliation Meditation approach. We explore together the dimensions of our being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and of our living (relationships with others and with life) through breathing exercises, contemplative meditation and adjusting movements. The process of reconciling is based on the approach that Claudio calls The 3 C of Connection to Life (Clarity, Compassion, Courage) and The 7 Re of Reconciliation: 

Realize, Reflect, React, Regret, Request, Resolve, Responsibilize

During the Relationships Circle, we explore together how to be responsive to yourself and to your partner, family, children, friends, work colleagues, or people you have a harder time with by addressing your needs and their needs. You learn how to enhance or reestablish spiritual, mental, emotional and physical vibrant connection. You are welcome to join the circle alone or with anyone you want.

'The Mystery Of Love' gatherings are a weekly sharing circle to explore the mystery of love through its magic and challenges, pain and liberation. What does it take to listen, to be present, and to express myself in all forms (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually) in the dance of a love relationship? What is needed to feel secure, to trust the connection as we cycle in and out of union and separation? If you're not in a partner/intimate relationship, as well as if you are journeying in one, join us for this gathering on the mystery of love to see how we learn and grow together in community of love.

Our foundational agreements during the group sessions : 

  • Total respect for each others’ sharing (‘what’s said in the circle stays in the circle’’)

  • Honoring our voices and not speaking over each other (‘deep listening’)

  • Holding space without offering unsolicited advice (‘not needing to fix’)

The Benefits
  • Improving your physical and psychological health

  • Self-confidence and confidence in your talents

  • Boosting your professional career

  • Installing and integrating a deep breath

  • Harmonizing your personal and professional relationships 

  • Supporting you couple life and parenthood

  • Managing anxiety, anger, sadness, remorse etc.

  • Supporting in a difficult time of your life

  • Transforming addictions into constructive forces

  • Managing trauma through the realization that everything is happening in the present moment

  • Integrating an inner serenity and stability in the midst of life's storms

  • Everything related to your well-being



Online group sessions

Reconciliation Meditation, $20

Relationships Circle, $20

'The Mystery Of Love', $20


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